The Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung (German AIDS-Foundation)

The German AIDS Foundation has been supporting people with HIV and AIDS in need since 1987. Much has been achieved in the last three decades. Thanks to medical progress and new treatment methods, HIV infection today no longer means a death sentence. However, HIV and AIDS are still not curable. Every day, more than 4,100 people worldwide are newly infected with the HI virus. The German AIDS Foundation finances national and international projects for prevention, participation, integration, health maintenance and health promotion in the field of HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. It also promotes education and advocates for acceptance and against discrimination of HIV-positive people.

Much good can be achieved with the funds of the German AIDS Foundation. Southern Africa is a particular focal point. There, poverty, hunger and low educational opportunities meet with high infection rates. Together with its partners HOPE Cape Town in South Africa and DREAM in Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya, the German AIDS Foundation has been supporting two successful aid projects for many years in order to stop mother-to-child transmission of the HI virus and to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

In the area of research, the foundation has decided to provide scholarship funding in 2021 for the final theses of students and doctoral candidates working on the topic HIV/AIDS. In addition, the German AIDS Foundation will devote more attention to HIV research in the future.

Receive one-time support in existential need

People who find themselves in an existential emergency situation due to their HIV infection can turn to the German AIDS Foundation for one-time support. This must be an emergency situation that cannot be remedied by one-time subsidies or loan payments from the social welfare office or job center.

In this case, please contact our department for the allocation of funds and briefly describe the emergency situation. A decision can then be made as to whether support from the German AIDS Foundation is possible.

Contact for project funding and for one-time support:

Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung
Herrn Ralf Pütz
Münsterstraße 18
53111 Bonn

Phone 0228 60469-0 (Monday-Friday, 10-14 h)

Send e-mail to

Annual Christmas aid for children

The German AIDS Foundation provides annual Christmas assistance for families with minor children living in the household. The Christmas aid is intended to benefit the children and help them to have a nice Christmas. The support is aimed at families with HIV-positive family members living in the household.

Christmas assistance can be applied for each year starting in the fall. Further information will be posted here in due time.

Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung supports HIV-positive people who are in material distress. Applications for support can be submitted to the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung either directly or through a local counselling centre.